Revo Performance software offers the smoothest and most controllable power increase available for the modern motor vehicle. All of our development is carried out using the standard un-modified car, which has first been diagnostically tested for true factory results. As such the software we tune to, will perform impeccably when re-installed onto an un-modified car.

Most Revo performance software is complimented by multiple performance programs, anti theft programs and user friendly variable table changes that become accessible when you purchase an optional Serial Port Switch. This will give you access to many different levels of enhancements built into the Revo performance software. You may want to switch to take advantage of better fuel qualities, or to ensure you are getting the most from any optional bolt on tuning accessories like performance exhaust systems, performance air intake filters or intercoolers. And for the ultimate enthusiast, it allows you to “tune” your vehicle’s fuel, boost and timing settings for maximum performance.

Revo software is programmed through the vehicles Serial Port. This allows us to reprogram you’re vehicle without lifting the bonnet, and will be downloaded into your factory ECU in just over 10 minutes!

Revo safely provides your car with….

  • Higher Power throughout the rev range
  • More Torque
  • Smooth Gains across rev range
  • Better Fuel Economy
  • Broader Power Band
  • Ability to switch between standard and high power maps (additional Revo switch required)